In this college for each student can have fun, safe living abroad have the most thoughtful help.

We also provide guidance on necessary manners and common sense to live in Japan.

Let's live a hard time studying together.

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  Living support

The next is being put into effect as living support in Japan.

  • Orientation
  • Greeting
  • Join insurance in school life
  • Support for procedures of Government office, Immigration Bureau etc
  • Go to the hospital together, there are standing medicine
  • Regular home visits
  • Traffic safety lecture


Ministry of Education scholarship: Several applicants.
School scholarships: Once per year. Several applicants.
Attendance, academic results, other performance will be take into consideration.
Perfect Attendance Award: Students with 100% attandence
EJU: Cash refund according to the results
JLPT: Cash back for students who are qualified


  Students Dormitory

25,000yen/monthly per person. (2 Persons per room)

Rent for half year(150,000yen) is required during  check in alone with security deposit.(100,000yen)

* Utility fee will be deducted from your security deposite during checkout.


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